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I'm trying to piece together information on the surrounding buildings, some of which I believe are still in situ, albeit buried, just as the medical centre is.Without going into specifics, the site is on Carlisle Street East - maybe this was actually the "ambulance room" that kingfisher refers to?It would have been hell to pull it down so they left it up also when you look at 28 Days Later the center got a 1940s feel to it perhaps built during the war.On one wall someone has written there name and dated it 1956 so it was still in use for a time in the postwar years. I remember going in there in 79/80 when my mate angle ground his leg.At the rear of the cine editing room as a vertical ladder which emerged from a "hole" near where the chauffeurs garage was located.

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Going back to Firth Browns Medical Center Im starting to think the reason it was left up might have been a bomb proof building.Did anyone on this Forum work there or used it and where was it?Its a shame it could not be restored and made into a small muesum on Firth Browns steelworks as it is a rare find.MARKET EXCLUSIVE - Dec 7 - On August 2, 2017, Match Group reported that Amanda W.Ginsberg, then CEO of Match Group Americas, was appointed CEO of the Company, effective January 1, 2018, succeeding Gregory R.

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