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He donated the original Playboy Mansion on Chicago’s near north side to the Art Institute for a dormitory when he abandoned the Midwest for the West Coast.

But once inside his home, wherever it is, he doesn’t really like to go out much.

1 girlfriend, that if he asked her to marry him, she would say yes! You know he’d come out of a divorce, and after eight years with Holly, he didn’t want to get married.

Blonde bombshell Crystal Harris says, as Hugh Hefner’s No. We’re both on top of the world with all those feelings that every boy and girl feels giddy about in the first months of love. 1 girl, I think what he means is our relationship is a lot stronger than previous relationships he’s had.

He doesn’t seem any older to me because he’s like a kid that never grew up.” Crystal, 23, has been dating the 82-year-old Playboy tycoon since Halloween of last year. “We’re on cloud nine -- all those feelings of excitement that any normal people in love feel -- very content and very happy.

She told me in an exclusive interview at Caesars Palace this weekend: “I’m living a dream come true fantasy world. And after a year, we’re only in the beginning of the relationship.

I’ve started a little singing, and I might want to keep doing that.

The show has given me the opportunity to explore different sides of myself that I didn‘t know I had.

In the era before VCRs and DVDs, he had a giant, professional movie projector set up in his Chicago mansion and when the movies were done playing in the Loop each night, a projectionist would come up to his house and play them for him and his friends. And he was ostracized in the Army during World War II for befriending Jewish soldiers.

He once showed me a room in the mansion filled with electronic equipment, TV monitors and huge tape decks. The girl I really wanted wasn’t interested in me.” The rest of his life became a search for that girl. After the University of Illinois, Hefner got married.

“My relationship with Hef is a lot stronger than the previous relationships he’s had. I’ve learned to be myself in a great year of growth. But we’re both happy now, and it can stay that way for a long time.

Our interests are the same, and we like doing the same things. From the moment on that I met Hef, he gave me guidance. “I hope our personal relationship stays the same for a long time. It would be very unexpected if he wanted to marry me, but if he asked, my answer would definitely be yes! I don’t think he would want children though -- I don’t think I want children.

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