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An amount of PKR 3663.00 has been charged to my Credit Card on Oct.29,2017. As they use UK domain and I live in UK, I simply thought it's UK company, but on my bank account detail says : RETAILER LOCATION : BEIJINGI emailed them which is the only contact they had. I am contacting UK online retail authorisation to take them down. To this date I still have not received my product but was charged .98.I have no way to track my purchase (no tracking number) and so after reading all the other comments posted here I'm very confident this is a SCAM!!!!! I am Contacting my bank today to report your company as it has no address, no phone number and I have not received a confirmation for the payment. Date 8/8-17 a draw from my creditcard for 227,77CNY =275,32 has been payd for an electric toy to a child. Please return the amount back.sincerly Trond Harald Hansen Kjærlighetsstien 4, 1850 Mysen Norway Mail: [email protected] You have charged my bank account 20.112017 72,50 € and 5.40 €WHY BECAUSE I have bought nothing from your company? Pennsylvania Ave, Redlands, CA 92374 USEmy Email :: [email protected] or [email protected]Thank you You have ripped me of on my credit card not bloody happy.ordered a drill set from this site you took my money out on november 27 ..2017 and no emails at all .i i would like my money returned ...nicole shipcott 55 whitehead street corowa nsw 2646 . Please cancel my order and refund my money a total of 4.16. My credit card was charged more than it should have been, and other than an email saying my ordered was processed, I have received no other information or product. COM SHANGHAI Transaction category : Shopping & Entertainment : Clothing/Shoes When you send me the material until noe I not received yetmy Address : 1205 E.Code : 010938Please cancel and refund, your prompt reply is highly appreciated. Coles also offered a free gift from the same company. Com This Is a fraudelant website they charge ur credit card which shows up on your statement and you don't know who they are and never dealt with these bastards!!!! do not buy anything unless it paid for through paypal. tagsatl on your banking statement, call and get your card cancelled asap.. the website is have been charged a total of 4 payments.Thank you.[email protected] I also received a charge on my account for “TCH Arizona, PC Deerfield, IL” after getting my TB test done at Walgreens Take care clinic. I was charged via this site from my credit card 1.00 (Aus) The only thing I can track it to is getting a free gift offered from my Woolies card. Two at 9.23 and 2 at 4.13 amounting to 7.92.The number associated was 888-802-3080 which in NOT AMAZON.


I ordered a Coat from this company from the internet and it has so far not arrived. There is no other description to indicate what this charge of .99 for the last year or so I do order and you charge me 1 on dec 4 and I dint received any email confirmation on my email and I do not know how to contact you , my mailing address 8103 Gayeway dr Louisville ky 40219 phone 5 I ordered a Kitchen Aid mixer off this site pes*loveashionmarket and have received nothing in return .

They have not responded to any emails and when I click on the link they sent for my invoice or the website I get an error saying 'can not find' this site. I purchased converses for my partner the total was when It confirmed to be paid i checked my account and it had taken out 0 from Fht*terrykon co china some unknown charge it didn't even email me back that the payment was successful or let me know the shipment estimates im starting to think this is a fu#%*ng scam!!!!!! Un montant de 130.79 a été prélever sur ma carte de crédit pour une machine à coudre singer de PES*MADADEAL FUZHOU CN . They took 1.58 from my credit card I am contacting the fraud people at Visa .

I have buyed an article on website: and payed with credit card.

The charge is with the description "OXYGEN TECH HANGZHOUSHIBICN".

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