Updating dome lighting

To set the time and keep it in sync with a time server, use the System - General menu option and the Date&Time setting.You can set the date & time format, set the daylight savings time if your area requires that and the NTP (time server) to use to synchronize the clock.These are the ports you must port-forward on your router to access the camera from the internet.

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This is Dahua’s latest mini-dome and it’s tiny and priced very competitively at 9.99.

It should not be mounted flush against a wall or on a tilted surface.

You could surface mount it and you can tilt the lens up/down, but not pan side to side which may be useful say centered above an entrance door.

If you want the camera to FTP event videos, go to the Storage, Destination screen, select the FTP tab and check Motion Detect.

Another area you need to change is to make the schedule record on Motion. Now onto the images, how well does this camera perform.

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