Tree ring dating powerpoint

Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Aripuanã and Nova Iguaçu all have one pronounced dry season, with precipitation falling below 50 mm for three consecutive months or more (Fig.

We show that trees from Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela have reliably annual tree rings, while trees from Suriname regularly form two rings per year.

Subsequent processing used hot Milli-Q water to remove solvent residues, followed by bleaching at 70 °C with a sodium chlorite solution acidified with 2 ml of 100% glacial acetic acid.

Once samples turned white, they were washed with Milli-Q water and gently dried at 50 °C in a conventional drying oven.

Stem discs were collected in 2011 (Bolivia), 2013 (Ecuador) and 2014 (Suriname) from trees felled for timber or during the installation of overhead power lines.

The Venezuelan samples were collected in 2012, using an increment borer to collect cores from living trees.

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