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Vostok - Vostok is a reworked version of the first game's Iron Temple social space, introduced with the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion.

For more detail on this map, as well as tips and tricks for smashing through the competition, take a look through our growing Vostok guide.

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Finally, the Jungle Inferno update will also include a couple of yeti-themed emotes created by Valve and a batch of new community-created emotes.These are all the maps currently playable in Destiny 2: Midtown - This is the map that was first shown off at the first gameplay reveal event back in May.For an overview of this map, as well as some hands-on tactics for dominating on it, take a look at our Midtown guide.Expect a more meaningful update shortly after launch once we have live experience under our belts.The Dead Cliffs - The Dead Cliffs is set on the European Dead Zone (EDZ) and features a number of sheer drops, amidst its narrow passages and open industrial areas.

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