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Objective: Process 100% of orders within 14 days of receipt.

This typically requires issuance of determinations on 2,000 orders annually.

Goal #5: Negotiate with states Montana currently has E. Objective: Goal #1: The department has a centralized organizational structure for Information Technology (IT) that focuses on improving efficiencies and service, while reducing duplicative costs and improving coordination across the entire department and the state enterprise.

Objective: Goal #5: Develop reviews of Utilization and Treatment Guidelines and Medical Fee schedules including internet based information and technical assistance for the medical community, insurers, adjusters, employers, workers, and the public. agreements current with states that Montana has reciprocity agreements in place with.

The court clerks are proficient in uploading information on the website to ensure current data and information for its users.

Court decisions are published on the website dating back from 1993 to the present.

Objective: The Court will continue to maintain its extensive website.

The website contains helpful information for parties practicing before the Court.

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