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Ingredients: 2-foot-long pork and beef hot dog, three rolls, onions, peppers, chili, cheddar cheese sauce, and bacon Fat content: The average foot-long hot dog will set you back about 24 grams of fat, 10 grams of it saturated.But this is double that, plus it has bacon, chili, and cheddar cheese.Ingredients: Reindeer fat, seal oil, salmonberries, blackberries Fat content: It's hard to estimate without a known serving size of this native treat.But consider this: An average serving of reindeer fat packs a whopping 91 grams of fat.

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"People ask for it on a weekly basis," he told WKRG News in 2008.A Mc Donald's Double Cheeseburger contains a comparably reasonable 23 grams of fat.While this mountainous state is well known for its healthy reputation—it is the state with the lowest obesity rate in the country—it is home to one of the most giant burritos of all time.For a traditional southern fish fry, Arkansas catfish is an old standby.When you consider that this dish is often served with hush puppies, another southern fried favorite, you can bet you're reeling in quite a bit of fat along with your fish.

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