Saiyuki dating game

is a dating simulation game for the Play Station 2.

Released by Enterbrain in 2006, Kimi Kiss has become a media franchise, including manga, light novel, and has been made into an anime as of 2007-2008.

(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).

Kouichi is surprised to learn that, since her parents are remaining overseas for the time being, his mother has agreed to let Mao stay with them.

Sakino discovers that Eriko and Kazuki are conducting 'experiments' together which angers her, and she wants them to stop the experiments.

She soon realizes that Kazuki is in love with Eriko, despite the fact she always pushes him away.

In the anime his character was split in two characters - Kouichi Sanada (he received the original Kōichi's looks and given name) and Kazuki Aihara (who received Kōichi's soccer skills and surname and Nana is his sister). She has always been shy but the help of Mao and the others, she becomes more outgoing.

In the anime, Kōichi's first love interest is Yūmi Hoshino, but he gradually develops feelings for his childhood friend, Mao. She also has feelings for Kouichi and they begin to date.

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