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You may have finished a project or been given the green light to do something on your own terms.You may want to do this alone which will give you the opportunity to rediscover parts of yourself that have been submerged for far too long.Family life is also a little wacky with Jupiter and Uranus in opposition now. You’ll also feel nostalgic and look to the past to enjoy what once was.You don't need to prove yourself to anyone so why play that game?If you’re going to any sort of interview you are likely to be successful in that you not only can deliver the goods, so to speak, but can be attractive in style. Surround yourself with people who’ve experienced similar things to you today.You can gain an all-round understanding, provided you’re prepared to accept your faults.

Read between the lines before accepting any offer or gift. Something is bothering you and the fact that you aren’t addressing the issue is making it worse.

Your sense of appreciation is much greater today and you could start to realize just how much you have.

Having this attitude of gratitude also helps in improving your relationships with the people that you love. While the Moon is transiting your sixth house of workplace activities remember - you can't be responsible for what everybody else does.

Even though you feel partial to one person's opinion or argument you mustn't be seen to be biased.

You have the freedom of movement now to go where you want and to do what you please as there's been some release from previous constraints.

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