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However, the proposal was nearly jeopardized when Jenny learned that Ryan hadn't been playing darts with Esposito the night before (he had been going to visit her parents for their permission), matters being made worse when Jenny learned that Natalie Rhodes was currently working with the team (Natalie was one of Ryan's 'Five Freebies' of celebrities, being one of five women Ryan could sleep with if he ever got the chance).However, she eventually came back to the precinct to accept Ryan's apology, prompting Ryan to propose to her right there in the station, the two being warmly congratulated by Ryan's colleagues.Epps followed up his performance in Juice as a running back in the college football drama The Program alongside James Caan.Epps starred in the film Deadly Voyage, and won the best actor award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival for portraying Kingsley Ofusu in this true story about African stowaways.Epps was a character in the video game Def Jam Fight for NY in 2004.

His next athletic endeavor was playing a track and field star in John Singleton's Higher Learning, a look at the politics and racial tensions of college life.

While the two have a habit of keeping their love life private, Dwayne briefly opened up about their relationship back in November 2016, telling People, "She teases me about everything.

And I tease her with everything." Here's everything we could find out about Dwayne's other half.

Early in Epps's career, he was most often cast in the roles of troubled teens and/or athletes.

He made his feature film debut with rapper Tupac Shakur as the star of cinematographer Ernest Dickerson's directorial film debut Juice.

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