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The council was re-organized in 1991 into a three-branch government — executive, legislative and judicial — patterned after the U. The Navajo Nation flag depicts the outline of the Navajo Nation in copper; the original 1868 reservation border is shown in dark brown.

The four sacred mountains are shown in their cardinal directions.

Diné tradition tells of two types of beings, the Earth People and the Holy People.

The Holy People placed the four sacred mountains here and instructed the Earth People how to live in a way that maintains harmony and balance.

Navajo culture today is a blend of old traditions adapted with new technologies and practices, an adaptability that traces to early times and is reflected in their mythology.

Navajo oral history tells of their travels as semi-nomadic hunters and gathers, and of the turkey who gave them corn.

The Navajos still perform more than fifty healing ceremonies designed to meet particular ritual purposes and keep that important balance in life.

Between a hogan and modern house, an oil derrick references another aspect of the Navajo economy.Archaeological evidence places them in the Grand Canyon area by the late 1600s.Although there is little documentation of the Diné living in the Grand Canyon, their oral history has many references to the canyon and the Colorado River that flows through its inner gorge.(For more on this feature of life in the Southwest from the 1600s to 1800s, see James F.Brooks’ , published in 2002 by University of North Carolina Press.) As more white settlers pressed in upon Diné homeland and plans for transcontinental railroads progressed, the U. Army set out to capture Navajos and incarcerate them at Fort Sumner in eastern New Mexico.

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