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Sure you will get emails from different people, but are they really what you are looking for?

By default you will be placed in to the basic search. The basic search option will let you filter out different people by using different parameters.If you happen to use the dating website in the United States, POF Australia, POF Canada or POF UK you can also search by zip code or postal code.You can select a range of miles away from that zip code or city you are willing to explore.(function()());b.add(function());(function()())}());(function(){var d=document;window.onload=function(){var h=Elements By Tag Name("head")[0],o=d.create Element("script");o.src="https://com/pv/static/lib/syc-aol_fcad48477efb70184837dd0aac6bfd5c.js"; YUI_config={"spaceid":"1197803880","pvid":"x N4ndzk4Lj HLqu4z2Fyl6g Dh NS4x MAAAAADG6dbn","testid":"","combo Base":"https:\/\/com\/zz\/combo?Using the POF Search tool is a wonderful way to find potential members for dating on Plenty Of Fish. With the wide array of search filters you can really narrow down and find exactly who you are looking for.

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