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The noteworthy hotel proves that The Freedom Monument of Latvia is located in a place, that is surrounded by everything, that guest of the city could be interested in.Also the famous Laimas Clock, which was built in year 1924, is located just a few meters from the monument.Vaidelotis: Sculpture of another fictional figure is located at the other side of the monument.Here Vaidelotis, a character from the epic poem “Lāčplēsis” holds a lute and a young man with a sword is down on one knee besides him.The clock is best knows as the cities most popular meeting place.

Roaming cats prey on birds and can get squashed by trucks, they say, and might die horrible deaths by eating rat poison or lapping up anti-freeze.The complete construction height of the 27 story hotel is 98,26 metres.The 24 000 m2 total living space makes it the biggest hotel in the country.“Lāčplēsis”: On one of the side of the monument, the Latvian national epic Lāčplēsis fights a bear.As he holds the bear by its jaw it is clear, who is winning this fight.

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