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Panthers are worth Billions, put money on Peyton Manning and Papa Johns getting in on sale.

Losing family members and a manager, almost a career ending knee injury, the team not utilizing him like they should. He has a career set up outside of football and that's all that matters.In terms of name recognition, the Baseball Hall of Fame might have released its strongest veterans ballot in years on Monday.It’s nice for MLB fans, some of whom took to social media after the ballot’s release, tweeting about candidates like Marvin Miller, Luis Tiant and Dale Murphy as if it was 1980 again.Most teams don't put the 2nd & 3rd string out on the field as much as Seattle has this year.Not to mention, JG was off the field when Luke Willson scored the only touchdown of the game... I am sure they can retain Luke Willson for far less than JG and his prima donna attitude.

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