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“I think that this is going to be a battle which the president will survive.” CNN president Jeff Zucker has described his nightly lineup of pundits as “characters in a drama.” Lord has been playing his part for a very long time.Massachusetts-born, he and his parents settled in Camp Hill – just outside Harrisburg — right before he left for nearby Franklin & Marshall College in 1969.After a stint in the first Bush administration, Lord tried to make it as a writer (his novels didn’t sell) and an actor (he was in a Budweiser commercial and an extra in a few films).

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And he weathered the storm,” Lord said Thursday, as Comey’s takedown dominated the news cycle.

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I didn’t see that coming at all.” Now he gets recognized around town, at the local Giant, and, yes, at the dry cleaners.

He does most of his TV spots from the family duplex, where he cares for his mother, Kathleen, who struggles with dementia.

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