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Jewish services probably began on the High Holidays in 1851 and were more formally established with the arrival of Joseph Newmark (1799–1881) in 1854. Carvalho, in 1854, directly stimulated the founding of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles. Labatt as president; Charles Schachno, vice president; Jacob Elias, secretary and treasurer; and S. A year later the society procured land from the City Council in Chavez Ravine for the Jewish cemetery, which served until 1900.

In 1900 the Los Angeles population was 102,000 and the Jews numbered 2,500.In 1926 it moved to facilities on Fountain Street near Vermont Avenue, and was renamed the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. They typified the local Jewish leadership, to whom philanthropy was central in Jewish community life. Silberberg succeeded the Newmarks and the Hellmans.The first meeting of the Federation of Jewish Charities was held in 1912 with Ben R. The first decade of the 20 overseas needs began to assume a large role in the philanthropy of the Jewish community. In 1937 the United Jewish Community was incorporated as the Los Angeles Jewish Community Council, with the United Jewish Welfare Fund as its fund-raising arm.Los Angeles was formally dedicated as a pueblo on Sept. Goodman, 24, Germany; Philip Sichel, 28, Germany; Augustine Wasserman, 24, Germany; Felix Bachman, 28, Germany; Joseph Plumer, 24, Germany; and Jacob Frankfort, 40, Germany; all were unmarried and merchants, except for Frankfort who was a tailor. The majority did not engage in gold mining but opened stores in the small towns and mining camps of northern California.

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