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Cannon went on to Missouri State University, then landed a job with Minority Whip Roy Blunt Her husband, Drew Cannon, works in the House Press Gallery. Despite being far away from home, Stueve has managed to find and enjoy some of the charms of the Midwest while living inside the Beltway.

These days, Sheely said she is very happy working for Davis and living in the Washington area.

She said one of their past interns participated in pageants and waved the Miss America wave.

She intends to achieve many other goals before that, however, from running the Marine Corps Marathon this October to starting a nonprofit to help reintroduce ex-offenders into society.She has five siblings, but two won’t be getting on the phone just yet — the Barcenas recently welcomed twin boys.In the fall, he plans to begin work on his master’s degree in public administration at Howard University and hopes to land a job eventually as a lobbyist for the recording arts industry. She recently celebrated the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s adoption of a resolution that calls for the lifting of all travel restrictions on high-ranking Taiwanese officials making visits to the United States gadating com. “It’s certainly different than the first time,” Shuler said, adding that pressure as a lawmaker “is far greater” than what he faced as a rookie quarterback with the Redskins. “[The camera] is going to put on five pounds, so I did try to limit my intake,” she jokes. Harrison, a Libra, and his wife, Kristin, have been married for a year.She gained appreciation for the power of art and journalism during her early childhood in Russia, where the government has a history of clamping down on artists and journalists. “Having the opportunity to serve Kansans while I’m here has made my time even more worthwhile. He handed the attackers his bag, which contained a pair of shoes, and survived the incident unscathed. And she claims that she still enjoys writing letters to constituents every day in her new job. He’s an avid reader and enjoys delving into the substance of policy for his job.” A long-time public servant for Oklahoma, Fallin isn’t sure of her best feature, but said she tries to be put-together — even though she enjoys wearing her “grubbies” from time to time. If it’s too muggy, she’s indoors, dreaming of California’s ocean breezes.

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