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This can help to explain why Charlie and his wife get so upset and racial in their counter-attac : YES! Haven't heard these since early 90s when I was in grade school. A guy who lived down the hall from me at my dorm had a tape with the Amanda White and Charlie Knighten calls on it. from KY: This tape was made in the late 1980's at a small university in western KY.

I too had the tape with Charlie Knighten and Amanda White along with oldschool Jerky Boys recordings. My roommate and I then started calling everyone we knew to come up to our room to listen to it, and to a man, everyone who did was in tears from laughing so hard. The guy making the calls is a good friend who is from KY.

But amazingly, he stays on the phone for several more minutes and even wants to shoot him! When Cindy(the mother)comes to the phone, Mark makes small talk and invites her and her husband to dinner. Of course, Mark is talking about the naked pictures of Bertha ...(a classic) () PUT PAM BACK BACK ON Mark tries to get a date for the evening and she tells him he has the wrong person ... Some people insist that Mark is from Texas because of his accent and because they think Texas is the only state with a city called Odessa.

Madness ensues, and they come to a peaceful agreement. () PLEASE TRY TO PAY ATTENTION Mark calls Charlie and and asks him if he taped any of the Goodwill Games for him. (I think he already knew this) Finally - the loud music treatment! () One question fans of this prank caller are always asking is who is Mark? But there is also an Odessa in Delaware and there are references throughout his calls to the Dover, Delaware area which is just 26 miles from Odessa (see "3" on map below). My two favorite lines of Mark's: 12/02/05 - Todd from Castle Rock, CO: I have no idea how my little brother's buddy got a hold of this tape in the early 1990s but it soon became a huge hit in the neighborhood.

It’s some crazy made up religious type 1936 cult thing or, not. So why is our government sending people in droves to 12 step. So why don’t the Courts and lawyers and Judges send DUI’s and problem drinkers to the many alternatives that have been around for over two decades.

Some are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. Please blog here, start your own blog and let’s hang until Stinkin- thinkin returns as I pray to the gods it will 🙂 1936 powerless 2011 EMPOWERED!

You can also leave short comments about Mark Knofler on the bottom of this page.

Some of the information on this site was taken from a site that used to sell digitally remastered Mark Knofler CDs. But the person who made that site has brought his site back, in 2011!

You'll notice that the clips are edited so that names and addresses are no longer included.You might recognize the name Mark Knoffler as the Dire Straits guitarist/singer.That's the name that this prank caller has taken on in many of his prank calls.We understand, whatever brought you here, whatever you googled, it’s okay. You found me, you have found tens of hundreds of us who never felt a part of AA or who NOW no longer feel a part of the 12 step culture. Why are 90 % of Rehabs and Treatment Centers AA/NA based? Is it that for many years there wasn’t anything else? Why did I not even know till three years ago that any alternatives to 12 step even existed?

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