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This was a relatively narrow and unrepresentative study.There are many others documented in Danielle Citron’s new book, In addition to the difficulty of comparing data sets of varying size and depth, however, comparing male versus female online “harassment” is problematic for many reasons.#Slanegirl, a trending global public shaming of a teenage girl filmed performing fellatio is one example.Attacks on public figures like Anita Sarkeesian or Caroline Criado-Perez can take on surreal qualities whose effects can’t be underestimated—either on the individual attacked or on the environment.

Rape and death threats made by strangers are also common, however.

No need to go inside Police Station for Police Services People will no longer need to go inside Police Stations for services like character verification and also lodging a complaint.

They can go to the citizen friendly rooms or can use this "Har Samay" portal to avail all these Police Services online from anywhere.

Women are also the majority of people experiencing revenge porn, the distribution of non-consensual photography, often involving nudity and sex.

Last month’s theft and distribution of the private photographs of more than 100 celebrities, almost all female, was a case in point. In country after country, including ours, boys and men are recording and sharing their raping of girls and women.

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