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The rest of the evening seemed to just drag as Vicky rushed around trying to finish the shelving for the evening.

With just 10 minutes till it was time to close the library, Vicky rode the elevator to the top floor of the library and went to the small corner table with the lamp on it.

Yet there was a lamp that had always interested Vicky, sitting on a small table between two reading chairs in the corner. She smirked a little at this, and found the girl's softness cute.

It looked like a simple battered brass lamp, and was labeled as a sample genie lamp from Egyptian mythology, but it had intricate hieroglyphic carvings that had always interested Vicky. " A soft voice behind Vicky asked, waking her from her day dream as she stared at the lamp. "Yeah, I'm looking for Spanish literature, but I can't seem to find it. Since coming to college Vicky had discovered a stirring attraction for women, especially those who seemed a bit more submissive. " Vicky asked the girl, treating her a little like a child, even though was in her late teens, early twenties.

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Vicky looked at the Egyptian blue lamp, feeling her heart drop again for some reason. Vicky's face lit up and looked back and forth around the library, worried someone might catch them. " Katherine chuckled at Vicky a little, astonished that the girl could feel like she was stealing in such a benign situation.The walls were decorated with various pictures of pyramids and hieroglyphics on scrolls depicting various parts of history.None of them were real of course, for fear of a student stealing something that might be of value."Oh you're always helpful Victoria, no one questions that." The older woman responded while removing her glasses.Vicky always kind of wished she wore glasses, just because it fit the sexy librarian motif so well, which she found so sexy.

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