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Last December, we were saddened to hear about the passing of Nelson Mandela.After struggling for years with his worsening health, he died at the age of 95. He was a man who practiced and preached the power of love.Tech Support Web's Network offers a wide range of discount web services, from domain name registration to web hosting and everything in between.

Today, we celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day, which falls every year on the former president's birthday of July 18.She confessed to longtime friend Fatima Meer that "I think I loved him the first time I saw him." Working as a nurse, she supported him as he completed his law studies.Their first years together as newlyweds sound like typical marital bliss — raising their three little babies and cooking meals together.Mandela was in love again, gushing to reporters, "Late in life, I am blooming like a flower because of the love and support she has given me." On July 18, 1998 — his 80th birthday — Graca broke her vow that she would not marry another president. "I call her little sister and she calls me big sister, we share everything," Winnie said in an interview."When she talks to me, she talks about 'our husband'." They were both by his side in his final days.

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