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When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes, your only hope for a partner is with another outcast state.

North Korea has no friends in the G20, and so Kim Jong-un must extend his pudgy hand to fellow dictators in Burundi, Zimbabwe, and Syria. Stranger bedfellows have enjoyed brief hook-ups in global politics.

Artist-writer Durand begins the story decades later in 1970, when Refik, having risen in the ranks as a state photographer, is allowed to travel to China and attempts to mail Mosha a letter, free of the Albanian censors.

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The story of Veseli’s life isn’t larky fiction, however, and the details that he relates about the perils of daily existence under Communism are all too familiar. In a series of panels, he speaks of the “stains” on one’s record (having a relative who did fight for the Albanian Communists during WWII, or who has a link the Russian “imperialists”) that can lead to a jailing—or worse.

Winner of the French Voices Award for excellence in publishing and translation! —Richard Mc Guire This exquisitely composed photo-novel by French artist-writer Anouck Durand—collaged from photographic archives, personal letters and propaganda magazines—tells a true story that begins in Albania during World War II, stops in China during the Cold War, and ends in Israel as Communism crumbles.

Imagine Art Spiegelman meets Chris Marker, told in gorgeous “tricolor” photography, a knock out!

Security protocol before a visit with Mao dictates that cameras be disassembled to make sure they don’t contain explosive devices.

Three-quarters of the way through the book, Durand switches gears and takes us from Mao’s China, back to Europe during WWII.

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