Casual dating site reviews

Only you need to convince them that you are the guy to do it with. Most guys don't do it so this is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Fact is, you will not find as many inactive profiles as on most other casual dating sites.

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May use it again if I am in the mood to pick up easy girls but most likely I won't be a long term user.

Average site, average girls, and honestly: Average time in bed This is one of the newest casual dating sites and those guys oviously invested a lot to make woman join the site. Use it NOW becasue once it will become too popular it will be populated by guys only...

I have tried a lot casual dating sites the sex sites out there and this one seems to be different!

Fact is, you better use this site now before it becomes one of those casual dating sites with 90% male users, and 10% inactive female profiles!

If you know how to behave like a gentleman, if you are ready to invest a little time, if you are a little creative when it comes to chatting and creating a profile..will get rewarded! I have signed up, created a REALLY NICE profile and communicated in a very nice way.

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